Become a 20UNDER40 Ambassador!

The 20UNDER40 anthology has come a long way since its initial call for chapter proposals—but the grassroots nature of the project is still at the core of how we do business. Forget expensive ads and Madison Avenue publicity campaigns—we rely on our core constituency group to reach the broadest audience and engender the richest discussion possible. That’s why we’ve established the 20UNDER40 Ambassador Program—a unique opportunity for the biggest supporters of the anthology to play a more active role in the project.

How’s It Work?

The 20UNDER40 Ambassador Program is a means of providing insider benefits and more interactive opportunities for the individuals who want to contribute to the success of the project—as well as help steer 20UNDER40′s future course. Once accepted to be an Ambassador, we’ll publish your profile on the Ambassador’s page of the 20UNDER40 website as well as offer you a host of other exclusive Ambassador perks and privileges. In exchange, you’ll help us spread the word about the 20UNDER40 project in a viable and concrete manner.

What’s In It For Us?

As a 20UNDER40 Ambassador, you’ll be asked to support the project in three distinct ways:

  • By serving as an advocate for the anthology in your local setting, as well as globally online through the 20UNDER40 website;
  • By proposing an action plan to help promote 20UNDER40 amongst your friends, colleagues, and constituents, with the ultimate goal of generating increased sales of the publication while fostering discussion surrounding the topics addressed in the anthology, and;
  • By publicly sharing your action plan for promoting the anthology through your 20UNDER40 Ambassador profile—for the purpose of inspiring other arts leaders to likewise promote the anthology within their social networks and local communities.

What’s In It For You?

To express our gratitude for the work you’ll be doing as an Ambassador you will get:

  • A personal profile on the Ambassador’s page of the 20UNDER40 website—a perk that offers valuable publicity for yourself and/or your organization;
  • A complementary advanced copy of the 20UNDER40 anthology signed by editor Edward P. Clapp;
  • An active role on the 20UNDER40 steering committee, a small network of arts professionals who will be consulted to discuss the future of the project, and;
  • Advanced notice of upcoming 20UNDER40 events.

Who’s Eligible?

It doesn’t matter how old you are, what position you hold, or what discipline you’re in, the 20UNDER40 Ambassador Program is open to everyone. In fact, we are in search of the most diverse group of Ambassadors as possible. We believe the more varied the backgrounds, experiences, affiliations, and age range of our Ambassadors, the greater potential the anthology will have for reaching the broadest, most diverse audiences.

How Do I Apply?

Applying to be an Ambassador is easy. Just send us an email with your name and your responses to the following three prompts:

  • In 50 words or less, describe your role in the arts, including your title and/or institutional affiliation if applicable.
  • In 75 words or less, tell us why you believe the 20UNDER40 project is important.
  • In 100 words or less, tell us what concrete steps you plan to take to spread the word about 20UNDER40 amongst your friends, colleagues, and/or constituents—be specific!

If you can convince us of your enthusiasm for 20UNDER40 and your ability to promote the anthology in a manner that will generate sales and increased interest in the publication—then you’re in! Upon acceptance of your Ambassador application, we’ll contact you for a photo and then set up your profile on the 20UNDER40 website. Your book will be sent out to you as soon as copies are available.

Send your application material to: editor (at) 20UNDER40 (dot) org. Be sure to put the word “Ambassador” in the subject line of your email.